Leo Training is online or in person. Get Stronger. Row Faster.

Get Stronger. Row Faster.

The Perfect Fit

Strength and conditioning training plans are built on a thorough evaluation including a functional movement screen and a review of your personal history. All programs are individualized to your needs and goals.

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Versatile Experience

Our wisdom applied to your needs.

Joe DeLeo, NSCA-CSCS has over 15 years of rowing experience. He has worked with athletes from all age groups and experience levels – from novice to masters and in between. His passion is helping rowers get stronger and healthier – so they can row faster. As an athlete, coach, and trainer he provides a unique blend of expertise to serve his athletes and clients.

Video Analysis

A slow-motion analysis provides rowers with clear feedback on the biomechanics of their stroke. Get your FREE video analysis today.

Custom Training Plans

To achieve your best results your training plan must be individualized to your needs and goals. A heart rate monitor is a staple piece of equipment we use in our training methodology. Learn about how we identify your target heart rate and build an individualized training program for you.


We work with individual athletes, crews, teams, and coaches on land and on water. Our mission is simple: Get rowers stronger so they can row faster. Contact us today!

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Leo Training is online or in person. Get Stronger. Row Faster.