Leo Training is online or in person. Get Stronger. Row Faster.

In Person Services

2019 Rates

  • In-Home Training: $100/60 minutes
  • Evaluation: $100 /90 minutes
  • 1 on 1 Coaching: $80/60 minutes
  • Duo Training: $45 per individual / 60 minutes
  •   Packages
    12 Sessions | @ $75 | Total = $900 
    18 Sessions | @ $70 | Total = $1260
    24 Sessions | @ $65 | Total = $1560

    Note: All Packages must be used within 12 months of purchase. An evaluation is a prerequisite.

  • RockTape Application: $20 Limb Taping Application | $30 Performance Taping Application
  • Start Up Package: $399.99, a $500 value!!
    • Includes Evaluation
    • Home Corrective Exercise Program
    • 5 In Person 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions | 60 Minutes = 1 session
  • Training Programs | $100 month
  • Workshops: Call 856-899-9082

Consistency and Reliability. Two words that are the backbone of any quality training program.

Follow the flow chart on the right to learn more about the process* I use with clients and athletes.

*Depending on goals and training environment (on water vs. on land) the tools and scope used during this process may vary.

Training Process


A three tiered approach is taken to provide a comprehensive baseline:
  • Health history form and questionnaire is completed prior to our first session
  • Functional Movement Screen is administered to identify movement competency and aid in the training program design.
  • Physiological Testing will be administered as well. We'll look at power and endurance capacities on the Concept 2.

Home Program

A home program of restorative and corrective exercises will be provided and taught. It is the expectation that you will be doing your "homework" outside of our sessions.


The final phase will be focused on improving movement and strength competency and capacity. You will be learning a blend of different training modalities to enhance mobility, stability, and strength. Progress will be tested after two to three mesocycles.


Knowing how to move your body well and with control is the hallmark of any great athlete. You will learn to do this by owning your own movement. Learn more in this blog.

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An ancient tool for developing strength and balance. You will learn the fundamental six kettlebell lifts: the swing, the turkish get up, the clean, the front squat, military press, and snatch.

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Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs

This ancient restorative art develops a mobile, well coordinated shoulder and improves posture and diaphragmatic breathing. Read more about Indian Club Swinging.

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Leo Training is online or in person. Get Stronger. Row Faster.