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Client Testimonials

The personal testimonials of clients and the success they are achieving with LEO Training!

Cazenvoia Masters Rowers

I started working with Joe in 2011. I reached out to him when I didn’t make the cut for a D1
rowing team. Within the same day of being cut, Joe already had me set up on a training
program in a single shell. On top of setting up the program, he reached out to a local rowing
club and got permission for me to train in a single for free.

I expected quick results when I started with Joe, but I didn’t see them for a while. He introduced
me to a heart rate monitor and taught me how to let my body lead my training. This ensured that
I would never overtrain or get injured, while continuing to get faster every week.

On top of all of this, he would row alongside my single every day of the week, and race with me
on weekends. On his off days, he would coach me from a launch and record slow motion
videos, to critique me later.

Before Joe’s training I was a mediocre rower. After his training, my rowing had taken me all
around the world:
● I placed 3rd at the world championship trials in the U23 LM1x in the US.
● I was a Canadian Henley finalist in the U23 LM1x.
● I joined Kingston Rowing Club in London, UK where I rowed in a heavyweight 8+ as a
lightweight. Here I trained and raced all around London and Germany.
● I competed for the Thames Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta (England, 2014).

If you want to overtrain and achieve short term results in any sport, Joe is not your guy. Joe
gave me longterm results, that required me to be patient and stick with it for a few years, before
seeing significant results. If you want to be the best at something, Joe is your guy. He will
design a program specifically for you, and he will work closely with you to make sure you
achieve the results you want. My dream was to row in the Henley Royal Regatta one day, and
Joe got me there.

Before Joe’s Training
Weight: 73kg
Height: 6’1
5K: 18:20 (1:50 avg split)
2K: 6:49 (1:42.2 avg split)

After Joe’s Training
Weight: 70.7kg
Height: 6’1
5K: 17:31 (1:45.1 avg split)
2K: 6:28 (1:37 avg split)

Elan Schoonmaker

Elan Schoonmaker

I appreciate Joe’s much-needed fresh look at our club program, and my own ‘growing-stale’ approach to rowing. He was able to assess us with a critical eye, and offer insights that were (a) Something we hadn’t thought of before, and/or (b) Something we KNEW needed attention, but was presented to us in a new way that helped make sense of it all. Both A and B certainly got our attention, and had us rowing in the right direction! Further, his well-rounded skill set – which considers the human body and functional movement, and – of particular interest to myself – the athlete’s diet, has gotten me thinking about rowing/exercise/wellness in a whole new way. One which encompasses all elements as a whole, instead of each as its own isolated piece. He’s got my interest!

Jason Premo - Syracuse Charger

Jason Premo

Former Syracuse University Varsity oarsman and current 17 year member of the Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club. / Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club

Leo Training’s Strength Training for Rowers was a great addition to my off season workouts. Beginning with basic fundamentals like diaphragmatic breathing, corrective movement, balance, and stability then progressing to strength training, the focus was on correctly using the right muscle groups with proper posture. Safety and avoiding injury were always emphasized. Everything we did translated to the rowing stroke. It has all totally paid off for me on the water.

Lisa Conti Craig

Lisa Conti Craig

Masters Rower / Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club

I first met Joe DeLeo as a rowing coach assistant during our winter training program at Syracuse University. Since then he has provided his talents and skills both on and off the water as a rowing coach and with functional movement therapy and kettlebell classes. It is a nice balance of learning how to use hip swing and powerful leg planting with kettlebells that directly translates to hip swing and steady powerful leg drive in the boat. My understanding and skills on the water have grown exponentially under the guidance of Joe. The best part is working hard and being injury-free!

Mara Schwartz DC, PC, LMT

Mara Schwartz

DC, PC, LMT / Cazenovia Rowing Club

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